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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thai One On

Thai Bamboo
61 King St. W
Fare: Contemporary Thai
Price: $8-22

Once again we travel to the industrial jungle that is Barrie's south-end. The network of plazas and strip malls make for good hiding places of little-known eating spots. In this review we will offer a brief discussion of a hidden gem found in the south-end, Thai Bamboo.

Much like other restaurants in the area, the interior decoration and ambiance can be related to a warehouse. Considering what the operators of Thai Bamboo have to work with, the interior looks decent. Nothing to write home about, however. To comment, the restaurant is always clean and tidy, and service is always above par. If there's one characteristic other restaurant should mimic, it's this.

This hidden gem really sparkles once you open the embroidered menu. The offerings are simple, yet provide enough variety to satisfy most. I personally have been many times and still feel the menu is fresh.

The quality of the food is decent for the price range. It is better to what you would find in a food court at a shopping mall, but when compared to what's available in Toronto, Thai Bamboo misses the mark.

Thai Bamboo scores big points on price. The menu offers simple pan-fried noodle dishes, extravagant seafood curry platters, and everything in between. Of highlight, $7.90 tax-in nets you a pile of stir-fried noodles, veggies and chicken. Excellent for early lunch or late night snack on the go. My favorite: house fried rice before the movies with friends.

In a nutshell, Thai Bamboo offers some decent thai food at what you would want to pay, and overcomes all objections when selecting a restaurant.

Overall: 8/10

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