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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bow To Akira Japanese Cuisine

There are just a handful of Sushi places in Barrie that really are authentic. Akira is one of these places that gives you authentic Sushi and does a great job of preparing it. They are not the best Sushi place I have ever been to but by far they are the best in Barrie based on the food.

The service is lacking a little but I would expect that from an All You Can Eat restaurant as the more they visit the table the less money they make. I am always shocked at the price especially for the amount of food I eat while I am there. If your someone who doesn't eat a lot will not get your monies worth in food but for all those who are ready to sit down and undo that top button get ready for a great time.

Some people have complained about the pop and beer and having to ask for it but hello!!!!! You need to ask for a drink at the other restaurants as well and at least they give you water right at the beginning as most restaurants don't give you water unless you ask.

Overall the food and service at Akira would get a 7.5/10 from me but I will be going back in the future because of what I said with it being the best in Barrie.

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  1. Couldn't agree more! But you failed to mention how awesome the ambiance is at Akira. The authenticity, combine with the quaint downtown location make for an awesome dining experience.

  2. I do love me some sushi, and Akira is one of my staple sushi restaurants to go. There are a few things I would mention for them to imrpove the dining experience:
    1- more than once I have gone into the place and I swear they were playing music from their iPod. A few Avril Lavigne songs played, few Celine Dion, you get my drift. They should focus more on playing relaxing Japanese instrumental music. Its calming and would add to the experience.
    2- overall renovations! Although the restaurants pricing is low, the amount of money they make im sure is incredible. They should really update their decor and do some renovations. Last time I was there I saw some christmas decorations. It was September!
    3- bring back the lunch edamame. They removed it on their lunch special, but at one of their competing restaurants still provides it.
    Overall i would rate them a 7 out of 10 will some improvements their overall ratings would go up!

  3. You clearly have never eaten well prepared sushi before. This place is not worth the effort. I rarely go out of my way to review restaurants but this place is criminal. Trust me I've had better sushi from Metro. Both my wife and I have stomach issues today after eating the all you can stomach dinner last night.I eat sushi twice a week and this place is a Health Board review home run.The bathrooms are embarassing. Notice any passing grades posted on the front entrance? Didn't think so.