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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bring Your Big Bib To Big Chris's

Big Chris BBQ and Smokehouse

110 Anne St. South, Barrie

Fare: BBQ

Price: $7-25

The term "barbecue" is a relatively ambiguous term. By definition, it is a means of cooking with indirect heat, often smoking the meat over wood or charcoal.

Big Chris BBQ and Smokehouse is barbecue in it's truest sense. At least this far north of the border.

Big Chris offers up the usual crew of ribs, chicken, sandwiches and burgers, all served along with 'slaw, beans and/or fries. Big Chris seems to have two maxims in which he brings to the absolute, and uses to define his dishes: quantity and flavor. And quality. And flavor. The only thing lacking is the health department. Not exactly guilt-free, Big Chris is the kind of restaurant you would attend if you're living life to the fullest. Might as well call the restaurant Porke Diem. If health food is what you're after, go eat a veggie wrap with Jared.

The physical layout is of cafeteria-style. No nonsense, and better yet Big Chris is licensed to serve. As any BBQ place should be.

Big Chris seems like the kind of guy who likes to shake the game up. In a town devote to the Tim's, McDonalds, et al, Big Chris's one of the only actual BBQ joints around. That in itself makes him somewhat of a renegade. Of course, if you're the only game in town, it's not mediocrity that will get you noticed: It's something like the "Ultimate Dirty Burger".

Pictured above, the "Ultimate Dirty Burger" is something that you would find on the show Man v. Food. 2lbs of pulled pork, a serving of poutine, six patties, bacon and cheese all between two buns and has never been eaten in one sitting. This reviewer, although quite brave, does not have the cojones to take on that $35 beast.

If I were to find a fault, it's that Big Chris BBQ is only open until 9pm at the latest. No opportunity for late-night manging.

All in all, Big Chris's is everything you would want in a BBQ restaurant. All without having to travel to the American south.

Overall - 8.5/10

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  1. This is an amazing place! Their BBQ is to die for!! I want to see more about Barrie and their BBQ restaurants!! I also saw the one above about Big Bone right now and I will be going their. Keep it coming!